The UNPA Asia Report

The UNPA Asia Report is a quarterly section printed in Asiaceutical Insights, a trade publication published in China by Herbridge Media, with distribution throughout China, Japan and southeast Asia. This special business-to-business journal is an ongoing feature in the magazine.

Read the UNPA media release (Feb. 14, 2018) announcing the launch of the UNPA Asia Report.

The UNPA Asia Report strives to highlighdietary supplement market intelligence and trends for the burgeoning China and Pacific Rim natural health products industry, as well as news and market data of interest to the U.S. supplements market. The report will feature a number of UNPA member companies and MOU partners, with a focus on UNPA’s ongoing efforts to improve regulatory compliance and product quality and transparency within the U.S. marketplace, as well as to promote trade between the United States an China.

If you are interested in participating in editorial content and/or advertising in the UNPA Asia Report, please contact Frank Lampe, 720.398.8172. 

UNPA Asia Reports and Asiaceutical Insights

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UNPA Asia Report Issue Highlights

U.S. Dietary Supplement Market Trends / 4Q17

The evolving U.S. omega-3 market— and what it means for China / 4Q17

Consumer trends in the U.S. supplement marketplace / 4Q17

The state of the U.S. probiotics market: From market value to consumption habits / 4Q17

Building laboratory capacity to ensure product safety, quality and efficacy / 3Q17

A Tale of Consumer Trust: U.S. consumer perceptions about supplements are mixed, but it's still a call to action / 3Q17

Practitioners show increased engagement with botanicals and supplements / 3Q17




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