UNPA is among groups that will sponsor Bethesda seminar on compliance issues. (Nutraceuticals World, Apr. 17, 2017)

UNPA's Israelsen notes insight and innovation of Nature’s Sunshine founders. (Nutraingredients-usa.com, Apr. 12, 2017)

UNPA’s Loren Israelsen lauds the company for quality and professionalism. (Salt Lake Tribune, Apr. 11, 2017)

UNPA’s Larisa Pavlick notes need to provide better consumer education. (Nutraingredients-usa.com, Apr. 10,2017)

Founding member returns to its roots. (Nutraingredients-usa.com, Mar. 30, 2017)

Quotes that didn’t make NBJ's second Dark Issue, including insights from UNPA’s Israelsen and Pavlick. (NewHopeNetwork, Mar. 24, 2017)

UNPA’s Pavlick indicates that the agency is open to industry feedback. (NaturalProductsINSIDER, Mar. 13, 2017)

Larisa Pavlick helps to assist members in new ways.  (NaturalProductsINSIDER, Mar. 10,2017)

Regulatory action should remain steady, according to former FDA staffer Susan Winckler, Leavitt Partners. (Nutraingredients-usa.com, Feb. 24, 2017)

Includes comments from UNPA's Loren Israelsen. (Nutraingredients-usa.com, Feb. 2, 2017)

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