UNPA’s Pavlick indicates that the agency is open to industry feedback. (NaturalProductsINSIDER, Mar. 13, 2017)

Larisa Pavlick helps to assist members in new ways.  (NaturalProductsINSIDER, Mar. 10,2017)

Regulatory action should remain steady, according to former FDA staffer Susan Winckler, Leavitt Partners. (Nutraingredients-usa.com, Feb. 24, 2017)

Includes comments from UNPA's Loren Israelsen. (Nutraingredients-usa.com, Feb. 2, 2017)

UNPA assumes order will include NDI guidance. (Nutraingredients –usa.com, Feb. 1, 2017)

UNPA announces members of Sirio Pharma and Verdure Sciences. (Nutraingredients-usa.com, Jan. 25, 2017)

UNPA’s Larisa Pavlick offers insights on Trump administration, Congressional priorities, and regulatory affairs. (Nutritional Outlook, Jan. 23, ...

Where industry is adopting NDI policy and where it is waiting. (NaturalProductsINSIDER, Jan.18, 2017)

A summary of industry comments on the draft guidance. (The National Law Review, Jan. 17, 2017)

By Hank Schultz, Jan. 10, 2017 For one expert the question of so called synthetic botanicals goes deeper than whether they are legal. It’s a ...

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